Focus School – Cambridge Campus undergoes regular school inspections from the SIS (School Inspection Service).  The most recent inspection was in June 2015.  The full report is available here.  A few extracts are detailed below:

Cambridge Campus is a well-organised and effective school. Pupils are keen learners, make good progress and achieve well in relation to their ability. Their attainment in standardised tests and public examinations is good. The curriculum is broad and varied. Teaching is of good quality and supports the good progress pupils make. Pupils are well behaved and show a responsible attitude to their own and other communities. Pupils feel safe in school and their welfare, health and safety are assured on a day to day basis. The accommodation and premises are excellent in quality and a new primary building provides sufficient space for the school to expand its numbers.

The school has made a good response to the areas for development highlighted in the last inspection report. Pupils of different abilities and aptitudes are given work that helps them to make progress.

Real progress has been made in planning for transition of Year 6 pupils into the secondary phase, helping to reinforce the idea of one school.

Teaching and assessment are good.

The school provides highly effective support for pupils with special educational needs.

The school makes good provision for able, gifted and talented throughout, for example, challenging attainment targets, early entry for GCSE, differentiated extension and enrichment work, encouragement of research, investigation and independent thinking and learning in lessons.

Teaching is supported by strong subject expertise and learning resources. Good teaching shows good classroom management and facilitates good and often excellent use of language. Pupils are well behaved and relationships are good. Pupils are articulate and keen learners, and teachers are very aware of their ability. Lessons enable pupils to make progress and develop their understanding and knowledge, and there is a good level of demand on them to think for themselves and participate in discussion.

What the school does well:

It provides an ordered, calm environment where relationships are good and pupils enjoy learning.

The quality of teaching is good and carefully focused on individual learning needs of pupils

It ensures that pupils make good progress at all levels.

Next steps:

Building on and consolidating good quality teaching, continuing to focus on the impact of teaching on learning and achievement.

Further developing the secondary library provision.


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