FSCC has a strong policy against bullying in any shape or form.  It is a central focal point of the school; pupils are aware of the possibility and eager to stamp it out.  Pupils themselves are ambassadors for anti-bullying and this term delivered an assembly promoting an anti-bullying campaign across the school.


ANTIBULLYING POLICYcondensed version

The Focus School Cambridge Campus Anti-Bullying Policy must be respected and adhered to.

These are some of the important points to remember:

Bullying is un-Christian and unacceptable; it will not be tolerated.  If it occurs, action will be taken

Everyone connected with the school – trustees, teachers, students, parents, supervisors, volunteers – need to be aware of the potential problem and work together to eliminate it

Deal with bullying if it occurs, eliminate it from the school and keep it out, promote an atmosphere of pastoral care for all students


Three main types of bullying are:

Physical – hitting, kicking, taking belongings

Verbal – name calling, making offensive remarks

Indirect – spreading nasty stories, exclusion from groups


If you suffer bullying, don’t suffer in silence – tell a teacher or another adult, and/or your parents

If you see bullying, don’t ignore it – tell someone.

Be mature.  Maturity is thinking for others rather than myself.


The Secondary School Council is working on a new Anti-Bullying Charter as one of their tasks this term.

For the full Anti-Bullying Policy click here.