The Cambridge Campus had 125 pupils on the register in September 2017. This means that class sizes are small and pupils are able to receive individual attention from teachers. The four primary classes number between 9 and 14 each. The biggest class in the secondary school totals 19, and the smallest 3.

Older pupils form a senior management team within the school, including the Student Leadership Team, PE Captains,  etc. Younger pupils are part of the School Council.

Sixth Form pupils are allowed greater freedom than KS3 & 4 pupils, and traditionally they support staff in organizing end of term events.  Y11 and Sixth Form pupils also support younger pupils; those who need a helping hand, a kind word, a little interest shown will find it from one or other of the Year 11, 12 & 13 pupils.



Homework constitutes an important part of the learning process and is not optional at the Cambridge Campus. The time spent on homework will vary according to the student’s age, ability and application.  Exam coursework will, of course, make greater demands on students’ time. Parents are encouraged to set times for homework, providing a ‘quiet room’, and to ensure it is completed and returned on time.  In SDL years students set their own home tasks, monitored by teachers.  In FLN tutorials AS/A2 students experience ‘flipped lessons’ so that the homework consists of understanding the lessons prior to the tutorial.

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