25 Jul

  • By fscc

Summer 2017 – a fitting end to a good year of hard work and some amazing teamwork.  The summer term saw weeks of revision, weeks of exams, and then many exciting and collective events.

Pupils worked hard to fundraise for the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, with the final total raised just over £5,000. Various events had taken place throughout the year, including a cake stall and Jumper Day, and the final event was a Market Day. Sixth Formers organised the Market Day entirely, overseeing and coordinating all the events. These included a Bake-Off

year group stalls

an Art Exhibition

and more:


A group of pupils visited the American War Cemetery several times, preparing a series of tours that they were to give to parents and friends. The final visit, when the tours were given, was a very special time; pupils were well prepared with their knowledge of the Cemetery and visitors felt it was a very worthwhile experience.  Other years groups visited Hunstanton for a Geography field trip and Anglesey Abbey for a combined History/DT visit

Mr Zuckert organised a Music Morning, with several expert musicians coming into school to lecture and work with pupils on the pieces being prepared for the end of term concert. This was a great success and the many comments received afterwards showed how enthusiasm is so infectious!

We welcomed new pupils on Induction Day

and ran a Young Enterprise Business Day for Y7-10


‘Porridge’ was a huge success – the primary pupils delivered an extremely professional and talented end of year performance based on The Three Bears, with many other well known fairy-tale characters making their appearance. Congratulations go to Ms Maguire for her very able direction and her gifted group of Y6 pupils who held the show together with some amazing choreography.

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