23 Oct

  • By fscc

Primary enjoyed a fascinating visit from a gemmologist a couple of weeks ago, who gave the pupils a very informative hour. Pupils were able to see and handle precious and unusual gems and crystals, including the fascinating ‘TV stone’

“The gemmologist came in and told us about rocks, crystals and lots of other rocks. He also did a powerpoint about different types of rocks and gems. He put some at the back of the hall for us to look at.”

“A gemmologist means that you buy and sell gems. Some gems you would want to keep. Gemmologists sometimes get miners to dig where they think are gems. He gave us a very interesting talk on different types of gems like Sapphires, Diamonds, Emeralds and Ruby’s. One of them was a gem that looked quite dirty but if you put it on a piece of writing you would be able to read the writing clearly. Other gems were quite shiny.”