Our staff are the most valuable asset the School has.  They come from both the state and independent sectors, and bring experience and a wide variety of skills to our School.

Member of staff comment (see also ‘Teachers’ page):   “I am encouraged to take initiatives and enjoy opportunities for professional development.”


In keeping with the principles established in the Equality Act 2006, relevant regulations and the school’s aim, Focus School – Cambridge Campus has a fundamental commitment to the principle of equality of opportunity for all people. This statement seeks to ensure that no member of the school community should receive less favourable treatment than others because of their race, colour, ethnicity, gender, ability or social class. All members of the school community have the opportunity to maintain a positive self image, feel secure and self confident, and are encouraged to develop their abilities.



The following policies and procedures are available for inspection:

Recruitment Policy & Procedure

Grievance Procedure & Disclosure in the Public Interest (Whistleblowing)

Disciplinary Policy


Follow the links above to view employment opportunities or to register your details in our Talent Pool.



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