The FSCC Trustee Team


CHAIRMAN:                                                  Mr Phil Anderson

CA TEAM (Campus Administrators):

Lead CA                                                          Mr Laurie Drake (HR)

Lead CA                                                          Mr Peter Marsh (Curriculum)

CA Team Member                                        Mr Malcolm Smith (Operations)


Mr Matt Anderson (SEN/AGT)

Mr Cedric Fentiman (Child Protection & Safeguarding)

Mr Paul Hetherington (H&S/Legal)

Mr Roger Nunn (Policies)

Mr Richard Smith (Finance)

Mr Ian Norman (Legal & Compliance Officer) – de facto Trustee


Please click here for the Trust structure.


Trust Goals:

Teaching & Learning is Outstanding

Our School is Safe

We’re Learning to Learn


Our Trustee team is very hands-on and involved in the school; including weekly visits, meetings with the Head Teacher, attending events, and engagement in pupil activity during the school calendar.

  Trustees helping to prepare the BBQ lunch for the House Champion Day, July 2017

  Awards Ceremony 2017

  Trustees meet the School Council December 2017