Head Teacher – Mrs I O’Mara

Teacher                                                Subject                                                                 Qualification

Mrs J Arden                                             English                                                                       BA Hons, PGCE

Mrs N Bates                                             Modern Foreign Languages/Mathematics         BA Hons, PGCE

Mrs H Brace                                             SENDCo                                                                       BSc Hons Psych

Mrs J Clarkson                                         Modern Foreign Languages/Music                    MA Joint Hons, PGCE

Mrs A Delves                                            ICT Skills, Business Studies/BTEC Business    BA Hons, PGCE

Mr N Jones                                               Art /Graphics                                                           BA, MA, Cert Ed

Mrs E Jordan                                           Geography/Citizenship/PSHE                             BA, QTS

Miss F Karampela                                   Mathematics                                                            MA, BA, QTS

Mr M Lewinksi                                        LAMDA                                                                     BA, PGCE

Mrs M Lloyd                                             Textiles/Food & Nutrition                                    BEd Hons, HE Deg, Cert Curric Dev

Mrs I O’Mara                                            French                                                                      Licence-es-Lettres, Maitrise-es-Lettres, PGCE, NPQH

Mrs L Root                                                History/Citizenship                                               BA, PGCE

Mrs S Tong                                               Science                                                                     BSc, MsC, PGCE, Dyslexia/SLD

Mr C Zuckert                                            Director of Music


Mrs D Pettit                                       KS2 Head Teacher/Y3&4 Teacher             BA Hons, PGCE Primary

Ms N Maguire                                         Year 6 Teacher                                                         B Eng, M Eng, Tchg Cert (Ten)

Mrs A Taylor                                           Year 5 Teacher                                                        BA Hons, PGCE

Miss P Nixon                                           Primary Teacher


Miss J Norman                                      Primary Higher Level Teaching Assistant         HLTA, BTEC TA Cert

Mrs A Marsh                                          Classroom Assistant                                               Lev 2 Support T&L

Mrs J Watson                                         Teaching Assistant                                                 MA, QTS, Lev 3 Supporting T&L

Mrs N Moores                                       Classroom Assistant                                               Lev 3 CACHE



Mr A Burt                                                     Current Affairs

Mr & Mrs J & I Fentiman                         PE



Office Administrator                                 Mrs J Fowler

Head Teacher’s PA/Admin                      Miss K Smart

Caretaker                                                     Mr R Manning


All teaching staff, administration staff and volunteer teachers, and any person assisting in the school for any reason, have current DBS disclosures, complying with the Education Skills Act 2008 and the Education (Independent Education Provision in England) (Unsuitable Persons) Regulations 2009.

Staff comments on the school:  “the students arrive at lessons ready to learn”   “the students are considerate to each other and to the teachers”   “I feel privileged to be working for such a generous and warm community.”  “It has a different culture, but one many with benefits such as an involved parent group, children who want to learn (and who don’t swear!), small class sizes, a sense of being part of a community enterprise.”

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