Where there is a need for extra support for a student’s learning and welfare, including learning English as an additional language, the School will provide it according to the Code of Practice in the Learning Support Policy.


               SENDCo                                  Mrs H Brace


Where a pupil has been issued with a Statement of Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, the school cooperates with the Local Authority (LA) to implement the provision of the Statement, subject to any necessary additional resources being provided by the LA.  The Campus is currently engaged in taking on board the new Government guidelines for updating the SEND Code of Practice.

Focus School – Cambridge Campus is dedicated to extending the most talented pupils.  Amongst the support provided is:

  • moving pupils up a year group
  • moving pupils to a more advanced class during the summer term
  • enrichment activities
  • entering pupils for GCSEs and A Levels
  • enabling pupils to access a course via 100% SDL (ie, Astronomy, Law)

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